Unwrapping E – Exploring Emotional Excursions from Emptiness to Euphoria is a book of poetry that takes the reader on a journey of love that every person can relate to. It starts with “Humbly Broken” which captures the emotional upheaval causes by the darker side of love. It then moves from that valley upward to where healing begins with “Hope Restored.” It is there where we put closure on pain and travel to more comfortable pastures. Though we can’t predict it during the storm, Love and Desire can come again. These poems vividly paint the picture of the euphoric state that comes with the roller coaster ride. A few poems touch delicately on the bond that two people share when they express their love physically. The last chapter, “Life Proceeds” offers poems that remind us that even after the most traumatic times life does in fact go on. It gently lands the reader on a harmoniously beautiful but real perspective on life. This book touches on all emotions. Whether you’re a man or woman, young person or seasoned vet, you will relate easily to each word and will enjoy your own journey through each page.